Why Sump Pumps Fail and What You Can Do About It

It's cost-effective to call Confident Aire before your sump pumps fail and 4 feet of water is in your basement. "How many sump pumps fail? All of them.” I have to credit a competitor of mine for using this line in an ad of his. This simple truth should provoke every homeowner to [...]

8 Uncomfortable Reasons Why You Need to Buy a Humidifier

Low-humidity encourages adverse effects like dry, itchy skin, for one. Install a whole-house humidifier today. Rescue your skin, your home, and your home's belongings. Winter sucks. Sucks the moisture right out of the air that is! As the days grow colder here in the Chicago area, the air gets drier … and so [...]

New, Cool, and Cutting-Edge Plumbing Products

Want to upgrade or remodel your kitchen or bath? Find out what's trending and how to budget before you begin. There are so many plumbing products to choose from! What’s trending in plumbing products for 2017? New, cool, and cutting-edge plumbing products, that’s what! A dynamic, holistic look brought about by bringing opposites [...]

When You Need to Troubleshoot Common Gas Furnace Problems

What are some common gas furnace problems? Is it possible to fix them on your own, or should you call Confident Aire? Having a heating system that will keep you comfortable inside while it’s icy cold outside this winter is crucial. And a natural gas furnace is the heating option that will provide [...]

What You Can Do to Make Your Furnace Last

Make your furnace last with annual maintenance from Confident Aire. There is no standard answer to what you can do to make your furnace last. But I can tell you that how long your furnace lasts depends on the model and how well you take care of it. A poorly maintained furnace can [...]

What It Takes to be the Best Air Filtration System

If what you're doing to rid your home of air pollution is inefficient, call Confident Aire at (630) 761-9007. We can recommend and install the best air filtration system for your home. We do things like fixing drafty doors and leaky windows to keep energy costs down. Such efficiency also seals in irritating [...]

How to Fight the Bathroom Mold Invasion with a Bathroom Fan

Mold likes moisture. Keep bathroom mold out of your home with a properly installed bathroom fan. Turn it on while showering and bathing and leave it on until all the moisture has been taken outside. Got bathrooms? Get fans! Fight the bathroom mold invasion with a bathroom fan. It’s your best weapon. Mold [...]

It’s That Time of Year to Save Money on Air Conditioners

Every one of these air conditioners must go! Save money and buy a new air conditioner now! Save Money on the Purchase of a New Air Conditioner If your air conditioning unit is more than ten years old or has needed refrigerant or repair lately, then NOW is the time to buy and save [...]

This is How You Can Improve Indoor Air Quality

Fresh air is important to your family's health. Here are 8 ways to improve indoor air quality. Do you worry about the air you and your family breathe while the windows are closed for long periods of time? Windows are kept closed during the winter to keep out cold weather and keep warm [...]