The Best Ways to Keep Seasonal Allergies at Bay

It's important to keep seasonal allergies at bay especially for those who suffer from respiratory ailments of any kind, such as asthma, all year long. Believe it or not, if you suffer from seasonal allergies, the inside of your home is often worse for you than the outdoors is. I mean, stop and [...]

What are the Benefits of Annual Furnace Inspections?

Prolong the life your heating system, save money, and decrease health risks in your home with annual furnace inspections. New or old, keep your furnace in good working order, and it will serve your family well. How is this accomplished? With scheduled annual furnace inspections! How Annual Furnace Inspections Benefit You “Is an annual [...]

Affection, Love, Devotion, Friendship and the Gift of Comfort

Give the gift of comfort this Valentine's Day! On February 14 everything is red, romance, roses, and … chocolate. Don’t forget the chocolate. It’s a fun holiday that encourages displays of affection, love, devotion, and friendship through messages and gifts. Why not display your affection to your Valentine with the gift of comfort from [...]

What Kills Old Water Heaters in the Winter?

Repeated expanding and contracting claims the lives of many old water heaters in January in February. How's your water heater holding up this winter? It’s unbelievable but true! Old water heaters give out in droves during the winter, especially in January and February. How’s your old water heater faring? Has it gone kaput [...]

How to Prevent Freezing Pipes from Happening This Winter

Don't let winter sock it to you! Prevent freezing pipes from happening before temperatures plummet below freezing this winter. Freezing pipes are almost a given when winter arrives in Chicago. It’s a risk we Chicagoans must be informed of and prepared for. Frozen pipes happen to someone somewhere in Chicago every winter. But [...]

Everything You Need to Know about Whole-House Humidifiers

Whole-house humidifiers provide comfort and a healthy environment at home all year long! Call Confident Aire today and start living comfortably. Winter weather causes humidity levels inside your home to drop, and turning up the heat doesn’t help. It just strips even more moisture from the air. And dry air strips skin of [...]

How to Improve Airflow for a Healthier, More Efficient Home

Improve airflow to make your home environment healthier and your home more energy efficient. The EPA says indoor air is generally more polluted than outdoor air. And although allergies, itchy eyes, and runny noses are generally linked with the spring and maybe fall seasons, not all of these symptoms are caused by pollen alone. Poor [...]

New Year, New Furnace – What You Need to Know First

Will a new furnace help you reach a money-saving goal in the new year? It could! January and goal-setting go hand in hand. Always has, and probably always will. What do you want to accomplish in the new year? Take some time this week to consider what that is for you. For example, [...]

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