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We offer day or night emergency services to the residents Batavia, Illinois and the surrounding area. Our services include Heating, Cooling and plumbing. No job is too big or too small.


To provide exceptional and innovative products and services at fair prices, and to create a strong and growing company for the benefit of our clients, employees, stakeholders, and community.


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The Heart of Your Home Is Your Furnace

The average American family purchases a comfort system once in their life. When that time comes, they can be overwhelmed with information on the features and benefits of familiar and unfamiliar product brands. The goal of most HVAC salespeople is to get the consumer so wrapped up in the what(s) that they forget to ask about the who(s) and the how(s). With the Confident Aire Perfect Fit Promise, you can be assured that we will recommend the best size unit for your home, no more, no less. We proudly install Trane Furnaces.

When a furnace or air conditioner is tested in a laboratory, it is subjected to perfect operating conditions. Unfortunately, these engineers did not install the ductwork in your home. In addition, many of the safety related devices such as flue pipes, emergency gas and electric shut-offs are also as old and unreliable as the appliance itself. It is easy to see why a properly engineered and installed job will cost a little bit more up front.

It is clear that when a contractor cuts corners to be the lowest price, the consumer pays for what they did not get. Time and time again this results in repairs, emergencies, and a shortened lifespan. Not to mention the higher utility bills and less comfort they are rewarded with for making a bad decision. The lack of professionalism in the residential sector of our industry is precisely why the owner of Confident Aire started this Business in 1992. To be the contractor families can trust!

The important bit of technical advice offered here is the ability to add accessories over the years that will relieve conditions that develop. These include conditions like asthma and allergies and will be directly affected by which air circulation blower is chosen. All the hype is about gas efficiency, which is not to be overlooked. Variable speed blowers use 80% less electricity and run so soft and slow between heat/cool cycles that you will hardly feel or hear them. These blowers constantly clean the air and even out the temperatures in the home. Even though these motors have been around for more than 20 years, most contractors won’t even mention them.

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Ordinary Heating systems just keep you from freezing.  A new heating system from Confident Aire keeps you warm and comfortable all season long.

Whether you’re looking for a new system, repairs or maintenance to your existing system, our highly trained service technicians take extra care to make sure your furnace or boiler is perfectly sized to fit your home’s air space keeping you comfortable in every room, even on the coldest days!

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