Only $39 (after Rebate)

plumbing tune up geneva, ilThis is our very special offer to check and tune-up your plumbing system and more. Cost is $139 and receive a $100 voucher bringing your final cost to Only $39. This comprehensive tune-up includes:

  • Check GPM on shower heads
  • Test water shut-offs
  • Check/flush drains
  • Check toilet tank/workings
  • Check screens/handles on faucets
  • Check water filters
  • Check water softener
  • Check supply lines – washer
  • Flush water heater (tankless: extra charge every 2 yrs)
  • Test sump/ejector pumps
  • Check temperature of hot water
  • Inspect supply boots
  • Check weather stripping (doors, windows, attic hatches)
  • Inspect dryer vent pipe  

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