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The Best Rooms in Your Home Need a Ductless HVAC System

A ductless HVAC system is ideal for controlling temperatures in specific rooms and offers greater energy efficiency. Is there a room in your home that gets so hot during the summer you start sweating just walking around in it? Maybe that same room turns ice cold when frigid winds start to howl or [...]

Do You Know How Effective Your Air Filter Really Is?

The right air filter combined with the right MERV rating for your home means greater efficiency, savings, and indoor air quality. Have you changed your air filter lately? What should you do when Mother Nature gives a reprieve from arctic temps? Take the family sledding! Don’t forget to take along some firewood, an [...]

How to Resolve Common Problems with your Garbage Disposer

The garbage disposer - What to do when this wonderful kitchen device stops working. A garbage disposal unit by any other name is still a garbage disposer. It is also known as a garbage disposal, waste disposal unit, garbage disposer, or as they call it in Canada, a garburator. Garbage disposal units have been around since the 1940’s [...]

How to Thank a Veteran for Their Service

Veterans Day has been set aside to honor all veterans who served and are in service to our country. Veterans Day differs from Memorial Day, and here's the difference. Memorial Day is a day to remember those who lost their lives during their military service, and Veterans Day honors all veterans, past, and [...]

How to Solve 7 Strange Noises in your Home

Strange noises in your home may be creeping you out, but they don’t mean your home is haunted. Does your home pop, hiss, groan, creak, and knock? Are you worried it may be haunted? Just because your home makes ghastly sounds, it doesn’t mean your home is haunted. It’s simply trying to tell [...]

How to Improve Indoor Air Quality in Winter

Avoid the discomfort and even illnesses being cooped up inside all winter brings. Improve indoor air quality in at least one of seven ways. Frigid Chicago winters are no fun. The winter of 2013-2014 marked the sixth worst in history for both freezing temperatures and snowfall. On March 1, 2015, the Chicago Tribune [...]

Why Sump Pumps Fail and What You Can Do About It

It's cost-effective to call Confident Aire before your sump pumps fail and 4 feet of water is in your basement. "How many sump pumps fail? All of them.” I have to credit a competitor of mine for using this line in an ad of his. This simple truth should provoke every homeowner to [...]

8 Uncomfortable Reasons Why You Need to Buy a Humidifier

Low-humidity encourages adverse effects like dry, itchy skin, for one. Install a whole-house humidifier today. Rescue your skin, your home, and your home's belongings. Winter sucks. Sucks the moisture right out of the air that is! As the days grow colder here in the Chicago area, the air gets drier … and so [...]