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We provide exceptional and innovative products and services at fair prices, and to create a strong and growing company for the benefit of our clients, employees, stakeholders, and community. Our vision is to be the preferred provider of efficient indoor comfort, air quality and related systems and service in all locations that we serve, respected by fair competitors, and un-wavered by those that lower the quality bar.

Let’s Clear the Air! How to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Improve indoor air quality in your home with one or all of 15 ways from Confident Aire! Have you noticed a lot of “For Sale” signs popping up in front yards lately? Spring is in the air, and the real estate market is in full gear. As an HVAC guy, these signs cause [...]

How to Smarten Up with a Digital Wi-Fi Thermostat

Access the control of your home's comfort virtually, anytime, anywhere, with the installation of a digital Wi-Fi thermostat. It's 90 degrees Fahrenheit outside, and you're leaving home. As you leave your bedroom and walk down the hall, the lights in your bedroom slowly dim and then turn off. You step out the front [...]

Is Your Home in Danger of Flooding?

Heavy rains can cause flooding in your basement! Safeguard your home now from costly water damage and loss. Believe it or not, spring is right around the corner, and with it comes heavy rain. We all know what it’s like to be awakened by the sound of a heavy Chicago rain. As we [...]

What are the Pros of Tankless Water Heaters?

Confident Aire sells and installs Navien Condensing Tankless Water Heaters. Only the best for our customers! Gas water heaters are our most popular water heaters because of their ability to heat water effectively and efficiently. Tankless water heaters are designed to enhance your lifestyle, utilize advanced technology for energy-efficiency and supply a continuous [...]

What are the Benefits of Annual Furnace Inspections?

Keep your family warm each winter, save money and prolong the life of your heating system with annual furnace inspections. New or old, keep your furnace in good working order, and it will serve your family well. How is this accomplished? By scheduling annual furnace inspections! When to Schedule Annual Furnace Inspections Every Year [...]

Affection, Love, Devotion, Friendship and the Gift of Comfort

Give the gift of comfort this Valentine's Day! February 14 is the time of year when everything is red, romance, roses and … chocolate. Don’t forget the chocolate. It’s a fun holiday that encourages us to display affection, love, devotion and friendship through messages and gifts. This year display affection, love, devotion and [...]

Water Quality Crisis in Flint, Michigan – Should You Be Concerned?

Should those of us living in the Chicago area be concerned about the tainted water north of us? Have you heard? There’s a water quality crisis in Flint, Michigan. It began in 2011 when Flint city officials took cost-cutting measures and turned to the Flint River as a water source. These cost-cutting measures [...]

What Is It About January and February that Kills Old Water Heaters?

Repeated expanding and contracting claims the lives of many old water heaters in January in February. How's your water heater holding up this winter? Unbelievable! Old water heaters give out in droves during the winter. It’s true. Has your water heater gone kaput? Last week we talked about freezing pipes, how to prevent [...]

How Can You Prevent Frozen Pipes and Costly Damage?

If you didn't prepare for winter in the fall, there are measures you can still take to prevent frozen pipes this winter. Read and heed! The time for wicked winter weather and the annual plummet into a deep freeze are here. How about it, did you prepare your home for its arrival? Or [...]