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Smart Thermostats

According to, 50% of our home energy consumption takes place during the process of heating and cooling. Programmable thermostats do a good job of helping people with regular schedules save some energy while they are away from home or asleep. SMART thermostats are designed to learn when you are home, away, and asleep and then adjust the set points automatically.

SMART thermostats are also Wi-Fi enabled allowing them to access, display, and make intelligent decisions based on the outdoor weather conditions. What’s more, the Wi-Fi feature also allows adjustments to be made remotely-no more wondering if you remembered to set the vacation mode. No more walking into your home with an uncomfortable temperature following your vacation! Just adjust the temperature from your phone while you are waiting to get off the plane.

A properly installed, programmed, and calibrated thermostat is essential to overall comfort. Nothing affects the enjoyment of your home more than a well-planned comfort system all controlled by your thermostat. Your furnace, air conditioner, humidifier, and other accessories are meant to run intelligently, in harmony with one another. A SMART thermostat has the ability to operate the comfort systems to achieve the perfect balance between temperature and humidity, allowing the temperatures to be set higher in the summer and lower in the winter with no loss in comfort. This feature saves energy when you are home in addition the energy saved while you are away!

SMART thermostats are also expandable to add cameras, lighting controls, wireless smoke and CO detectors and even lock/ unlock your doors. Not only can we help you choose the best brand and model for your application, we can also show you how to access it from anywhere on the planet, including your couch!  Find out more about smart thermostats and home automation today.

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