Humidifiers geneva, il

Keep Your Home Humidity Levels Comfortable All Year Round With A Humidifier From Confident Aire!

Installation of a humidifier brings humidity through a central duct system throughout your home! When indoor humidity becomes low in the winter people tend to be uncomfortable. In addition to the dry skin and mucous membranes, the air around us sucks the moisture from our bodies, making the surface of our skin feel two degrees cooler.

We now install outdoor temperature sensors, some of them wireless, that tell the humidifier when to add more or less humidity. This allows us to be the most comfortable in moderate conditions and protects our windows from rotting when it is really cold outside. Most of the time this is all built into a really nice thermostat, so there is one less ugly control to look at on the dining room wall.

We’re changing names, but we’re still here to provide you the same level of service you know & trust!!