Expert Installation of Reliable Sump Pumps

Our technicians serve clients that were smart enough to replace their builder model sump pumps before they failed. They typically found improperly set float switches that cause the area around the home to hold too much water. They also found construction debris that clogged the bottom of the pit.

Many times we serve homeowners that waited too long. Ironically, the pump is usually not broken- it is the builder’s model, inexpensive float switch that has failed.

Consider A Contractor Grade Sump Pump

Not only are our contractor grade pumps made of durable stainless steel, but they all come with a dual float switch and an alarm to let you know when something has malfunctioned or the power is absent (tripped breaker?) The floats are also adjustable to match the construction of the pit and drain system so the most water can be removed in preparation for heavy rains.

Battery Back Up Sump Pumps

As with regular sump pumps (and water heaters) the cost of these devices is the same before your basement floods as afterwards. Only you can decide when is the appropriate time to remove the builder model devices and choose a really well built model for to protect your home. Most of us look back after the flood and remember a noise or an event that told us we needed to take action: humming, growling, or klunking perhaps. Don’t be the person who wishes that had acted preventively, instead of after the disaster.

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